GreenHalo homes are net zero ready homes with a healthy indoor environment.  We design, model and construct each home with our goals always in mind:

GreenHalo homes experience a significantly reduced operating cost as well as a more comfortable living atmosphere, health benefits of high indoor air quality, and the satisfaction of making a significant contribution to a reduced carbon footprint.   From start to finish, GreenHalo homes are designed with the future, environment and homeowner in mind to create a pleasant healthy space.


Passionate about innovation, we marry our proven custom home building skills with the latest in sustainable technology to build client envisioned homes that are designed with the GreenHalo standards, resulting in homes with unparalleled energy efficiency, comfort, durability, clean indoor air quality, and peace of mind.

  • Sustainability

  • Site Planning

  • Solar Power 

  • Energy Independence

  • Resource Conservation

  • Healthy Solutions


GreenHalo homes are equipped with solar panels to generate power for the home.  Solar energy is derived, clean, and pure energy from the sun.  Designing a home that can be energy independent is at the heart of each Greenhalo home.

Structurally Engineered Panels (SIPS) are inherently green and 15 times more airtight than traditional construction.  The panels are made by sandwiching a core of rigid foam insulation between two skins of wood structural panels. The foam core of the panel is typically composed of expanded polystyrene (EPS) an d structural adhesive is used to adhere the foam cores to the skins of the panel.

We understand life is busy - build your home smart and automate tasks so you can spend time doing what you love.  Thermastat and lighting controls can be automated to fluctuate based on your lifestyle - conserving energy without you needing to think about it.​   Want to make a change? Its all at your fingertips.

Committed to designing and building with low VOC materials, GreenHalo creates home spaces that have a healthy indoor environment. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refer to a class of chemicals that readily vaporize (become volatile) at typical indoor temperature and pressure conditions. VOC's - often contained in building materials - have an adverse affect on the environment and humans - some are even know carcinogens.  

Prioritizing performance and aesthetics we choose Andersen  ENERGY STAR windows to support our green goals.  With a wide range of options to select from we work with each client to select the perfect window visual details as well as the right U-value to meet their energy efficiency goals.

GreenHalo homes are Net Zero ready - ready for each consumer to customize their energy usage based on their lifestyle.  GreenHalo homes can be equipped with home energy monitoring so that the homewoenr can see when and where their energy is used - allowing the homeowner to be in control of their energy usage. 





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Healthier Homes by Design

Indoor airPLUS certified homes are constructed with practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants such as mold, moisture, radon, carbon monoxide, toxic chemicals and more.  Indoor airPLUS homes can provide a more comfortable living environment.

GreenHalo homes are significantly more efficient than the average new home.

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home's energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home's energy performance.  A home with an HERS score of 0 is 100% more energy efficient than the standard new home. 

Contributing to Improved Environmental Quality and Public Health 

ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.