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Welcome to EcoRidge — the Twin Cities’ first healthy-living ecovillage. Located within walking distance of downtown Stillwater, these 14 homesites are surrounded by mature trees with rain gardens, restorative landscaping and energy-efficient benefits like shared solar savings. You’ll love selecting your own affordable, Net Zero Ready GreenHalo home design and joining a community of eco-minded families like yours. But hurry, homesites are selling quickly for construction starting early 2021.

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Over the past few years, our clients have been choosing features for healthy living and green construction more and more often. We’ve long wanted to go green, so we introduced GreenHalo Builds, our line of affordable, energy-efficient home plans that are truly livable.


We’ve found the perfect location to take our love of healthy living and green homebuilding to a new level — an entire ecovillage of GreenHalo affordable, energy-efficient homes designed to produce the least possible negative impact on the natural environment. It’s not hard to see why we chose this particular location for our first endeavor. We’re within walking distance from downtown Stillwater, one of the region’s most picturesque yet forward thinking communities. Mature trees embrace our private enclave which will feature rain gardens and restorative landscapes. The modern Scandinavian vibe fits this distinctively connected community where you’ll share solar savings with a community of eco-minded families.


If you want a quality, green home and the savings that come from getting off the grid, then EcoRidge is for you. Take a look around. We hope you’ll decide to stay.



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