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Healthy Homes Vol. 1

GreenHalo Builds

Question: What is a healthy home?

Answer:   A heal​thy home is designed, engineered and constructed for a healthy indoor environment since people in the United States spend about 70 percent of their time in their home and under the current pandemic crisis it can be estimated to 95%.  GreenHalo homes are built with Indoor Air Quality IAQ as a central vision of a healthy home. 

We address the issue of  volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released from building products, furniture, flooring, fabrics and glues by sourcing materials that are are low in formaldehyde and VOCs, ranging from paints and adhesives to flooring and cabinets.  GreenHalo leads the IAQ standard for residential construction recognized by the EPA as low Indoor airPlus, a set of standards for IAQ in new homes.  GreenHalo earns the Indoor airPlus label, by first qualifying the home to Energy Star standards, then layering in more than 30 additional home design and construction features to better protect the home from IAQ problems.

Requirements Include:

  • Providing added protection from mold and other moisture problems;

  • Installing materials, sealants and vent pipes for radon mitigation;

  • Sealing, caulking and screening areas where pests are likely to enter the home;

  • Installing HVAC equipment and ductwork that minimizes condensation problems, dilutes and exhausts indoor pollutants and filters the air;

  • Installing direct-vented or power-vented gas-fired and oil-fired equipment and properly vented fireplaces;

  • Completely sealing off garages from living spaces and equipping them with exhaust fans;

  • Using materials that minimize the risk of moisture damage and have reduced chemical content; and

  • Inspecting air-handling equipment and ductwork to be sure it’s clean and free of debris and provides adequate air flow.

Before you purchase a new home ask the Builder About IAQ 

  • Does this home have radon-resistant features? Will you provide a radon test kit and if so, how often should I perform this test after I move in?

  • Do you install energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) or heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) in your homes? Are they equipped with HEPA filters?

  • Do you use low-VOC paints, finishes and carpeting? Is your cabinetry made with formaldehyde-free particleboard?

  • How do you address moisture control through your building practices?

  • Are gas appliances direct-vented to the outside?

  • What do you do to prevent insects and other pests from entering the home?

  • Do you offer a central vacuum system either as a standard feature or upgrade?

Affordable Wellness

People don’t have to spend extra money to have the elements of good air quality, low VOCs, and Energy efficiency.

At GreenHalo Builds we have the purchasing power through our parent company Sharkey Design Build to demand the healthiest materials at great market value and we pass the value to the buyer.

A home that gives back on top of the solar tax credit you might not have known about: you can sell your solar power back to a utility energy can both save and earn all at the same time.If you are generating more power from your solar panels than you’re using in your home, electric companies will apply a credit to your monthly bill.

Our Solar energy program offers a tiered selection where the buyer can offset with total energy independence in mind by purchasing a 16 panel home or they may opt to purchase a 8 panel home at a reduced initial cost and the home will be ready to accept additional panels as the buyer sees fit.

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