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Internship and Education Program

Working with High Schools to provide one of a kind experiences.

We have created a unique program with local high schools, which allows us to connect, educate, and work with graduating seniors. This program includes having our educated staff visit the school and speak about the green building standards and allow students to become more knowledgeable about the industry. Students are also allowed to visit job sites and gain first-hand experience in the field, which is crucial to their future. Within this program, we provide internship opportunities that include but are not limited to marketing, social media specialist, website design, real estate, architecture, interior design, drafting, project management, carpentry, and general trades. Creating this program will allow us to continuously educate the different communities we build in as we expand through the surrounding states.

Did you know

✅ On average, over 56% of internships result in full-time jobs.

✅ Interns' hands-on work experience is invaluable compared to a typical classroom setting.

✅ Establishing valuable internships gives you a boost over the competition.

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