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Tickets For Kids - Supporting the Community

Connecting with the community

We are honored to partner with the local nonprofit Tickets for Kids. Their mission is to inspire kids by connecting them with their communities through access to ticketed events and experiences such as ballgames, theater performances, museums, and more! As of 2021, Tickets for Kids has worked with over 2,334 youth-serving nonprofit organizations such as schools, community centers, homeless and domestic abuse shelters, mentoring programs, and more. Each ticket represents an opportunity for at-risk kids to have experiences that inspire hope, dreams, and achievements for a lifetime. Our partnership with this amazing organization consists of hosting fundraiser events, volunteering, and creating awareness within the community.

Their Story

Established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1994, the inspiration for Tickets for Kids came to founder Susan Weiner during a ballgame. The empty seats seemed so wasteful, and so unnecessary. Couldn’t those seats be filled by the community’s disadvantaged kids?

A nearly identical idea occurred in 2000 to Robb Neuenschwander, Twin Cities resident and avid University of Minnesota Gophers basketball fan. Frustrated that so many game seats went unused, Robb founded Minneapolis-based Tix for Tots to fill those seats with kids and mentors who could use them. Recognizing a shared vision and nearly identical missions, Tix for Tots was merged into Tickets for Kids in 2016.

Through partnerships with approved and vetted nonprofits serving disadvantaged kids and families, TFK has distributed more than 3.2 million tickets valued in excess of $71.5 million for experiences in arts & culture, education & STEM, sports & recreation, and family entertainment.

In 2019 alone, TFK distributed more than 206,000 tickets valued at over $6 million and partnered with nonprofit organizations in 40 states.

Meet Susan Murray, the Regional Director of the Twin Cities. We had the opportunity to meet Susan at a WINC (Women in Construction) event. She spoke about her organization, her involvement in the community, and the impact she makes daily. We were intrigued to hear more and eager to learn how we could work together. And so, the relationship formed. We have been honored to attend Susan's events and soon will be hosting our event close to home in Stillwater, MN. Stay tuned to learn more about our involvement and the difference we are making.


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